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Order id: CFP2-QSFP28
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Product description

The CFP2-QSFP28 Adaptor Module converts a 100 Gigabit CFP2 port into a 100 Gigabit QSFP28 port. With the Adaptor Module, customers have the flexibility to use the 100 Gigabit CFP2 interface port of a switch with CFP2 modules or QSFP28 modules.


Availibility:  0 module(s) in stock, more modules can be supplied within one week lead time

Technical details

l  CAUI -4 Electrical Interface:4 Lanes @25.78Gbit/s for CFP2 port

l  CAUI -4 Electrical Interface:4 Lanes @25.78Gbit/s for QSFP28 port

l  Hot Pluggable

l  MDIO, I2C Support

l  Compliant to CFP2 MSA

l  RoHS-6 compliant

l  Case operating temperature: 0 to 70 °C