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Order id: CSFP-1490/1310-20KM
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Product description

The C-SFP transceivers combine two Bi-Directional (BiDi) transceivers into
one SFP module with two LC connectors, one for each BiDi transceiver.

The dual-channel CSFP has the same mechanical dimensions as the industry
standard SFP transceiver and is compatible with the standard SFP cage.

:  2 module(s) in stock, more modules can be supplied within one week lead time.

Technical details

Dual Port BIDI in SFP Form Factor for higher port density
  • Single fiber full duplex solution
  • Single + 3.3 V power supply
  • 1310 nm FP or 1490nm DFB laser diode transmitter.
  • 1490 nm or 1310nm PIN photodiode detector with preamplifier
  • Integrated WDM filter for 1310/1490 nm or 1490/1310nm transmitting
    /receiving light.
  • Compact small form factor pluggable MSA compliant
  • Standard LC receptacle optical interface
  • 2 types of product provided to comply with CSFP MSA option1 & option2
  • Soft TX_fault, LOS function through I2C interface for option 1
  • Both soft TX_fault, LOS function through I2C interface and hard TX_fault,
    LOS function for option 2
  • Support “multi-rate :with 10KM & 20KM models
  • Digital Diagnostic monitoring function
  • Operating temperature from 0~70oC or -40~85oC
  • RoHS 6 compliant


  • Gigabit Ethernet(1000BASE-BX20) .
  • Point to Point FTTH Application