terms and conditions

All offers, orders, assignments and shipments are governed exclusively by the general terms and conditions as laid out in these General Standard Terms and Conditions.
Any divergent agreements or modifications of these terms require our explicit affirmation in written form.

2. Offers
Our offers are principally not legally binding for us. An order is first deemed as binding when it has been acknowledged by our written confirmation.
We reserve the right to withdraw from an order contract in the case that the financial standing of the customer has deteriorated either during or subsequent to signing of contract and in the case that the customer is not prepared to perform simultaneous settlement of outstanding debts or provide securities.

3. Prices
The prices apply ex warehouse as net individual prices in Euros or in USD whatever is applicable plus the respective applicable value added tax.
Should unanticipated fluctuations occur in raw material quotations or foreign exchange rates, we reserve the right to adjust prices accordingly.
Orders which have already been acknowledged will be processed according to the price agreed in the contract.

4. Delivery and Shipment
Werner von Ascheraden – Transceiver.net will offer fob pricing except when otherwise agreed upon.
Transport insurance can be provided on request of the customer.
5. Payment
Payment shall be due before delivery or invoiced at 14 days net or at other terms agreed upon in writing.
6. Warranties and liability
If the delivery is not to the client's satisfaction, the customer can demand reduction or rectification. Claims for apparent insufficiencies must be submitted without delay, or at the latest within a period of 30 days subsequent to receipt of the goods. We do not accept liability for damage or faults arising from inappropriate handling or natural wear and tear.
Compensation for delay in performance, impossibility of performance, culpable infringement of contractual and legal obligations and trademark rights as well as insolvency on completion of contract is ruled out, unless the customer can prove that the damage is due to gross negligence or intent on behalf of our company, or in the case of absence of an affirmed feature, or failure to perform a contractual obligation.
In the latter case, Werner von Ascheraden - Transceiver.net is liable for any damages which could have been anticipated given the specific circumstances.

We regret that we cannot accept any liability for printing errors.

7. Propriety rights
 All goods supplied shall remain our property until all claims resulting from the contract have been paid in full. In the case that the goods are sold to a third party, the resulting claim shall be deemed as ceded to us. In the event that payments honoring this claim are made, these shall be transferred to our account.

8. Data archiving
Our client's data is electronically saved and processed only for our business purposes and complies with German legislation pertaining to data protection and security.

9. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction
Place of performance for delivery and payment is Munich (Germany). Place of jurisdiction for delivery and payment is the Local Court of Munich (Germany)